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Rich Communication service

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Promotion of a business through Rich Communication Service

Rich communication services boost your business growth by offering interactive communication platforms. Here are some benefits which RCS can contribute to the growth of businesses.

 Boost Customer Engagement:
 RCS comes with rich media interactive buttons you can send multimedia content and engage customers with personalized interactions which will lead to   customer satisfaction. 

 Enhanced Messaging Capabilities:

 Businesses can use RCS to send high quality images, videos and audios which allows communication to be done dynamic and visually appealing.

 Interactive Business Messaging:

 RCS supports suggested replies, carousels and quick action buttons which enables businesses to create interactive and user friendly messaging experiences.

Appointment Reminders and Updates:

Now send appointment reminders, order updates and other important notifications to Businesses using RCS messaging

 Rich Media Advertising:

 RCS provides businesses an opportunity to send rich media elements into their advertising campaigns. This can make promotional messages more visually   appealing and engaging which will lead to high conversion rates.

Easier Transactions and Payments:

RCS can integrate payment options and transactional features directly into their messaging platform which streamlines the purchasing process and imposes customers to make transactions.

 Chatbot Integration:
 RCS supports chatbot integration, allowing businesses to automate customer interactions, provide instant responses to queries, and offer personalized   recommendations. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Security and Trust:
RCS can offer secure communication channels, addressing concerns related to privacy and data protection. Providing a secure platform builds trust with customers, which is crucial for sustained business growth.

Features of Rich Communication Service

 One-to-one messaging

 Users can have conversations through messages with another party.

Audio messaging.

Users can send audio messages one to one or in a group through this feature.

Group chats
. Users can create a conversation in which they invite two or more participants and all participants are aware of each other.

Read receipts
. Users know when a message has been read.

Enriched calling
. Users can share content before, during and after a voice call.

Interactive messages
. A "rich card" lets businesses send interactive messages and potential replies or actions. For example, a restaurant sends an RCS message with a rich card that displays a menu, and the user places an order directly from the messaging app.

File transfer
. Users can send files -- images, videos or documents -- within their one-to-one or group conversations.

Location sharing
. Users can easily share location information in both one-to-one and group chats.

Messaging for multi-device
. Users can register and utilize more than one device under a single identity.

Messaging as a platform (MaaP) and Chatbots
. Users can enable MaaP, which lets businesses send messages to customers via automated programs, or chatbots, that can interact with users in a natural language format.

Improved security. RCS can provide client authenticity verification, user authentication, encryption, and secure storage of authentication and identification data.



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