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An easy way to send bulk messages to customers nationwide.

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Reach Your Audience Instantly with Bulk SMS

Increase your customer base with our personalized and timely bulk messages. Send promotional offers, important updates, or event notifications using our bulk SMS service, which ensures that your message reaches your target audience in no time.

Why Choose Our Bulk SMS Service?

1. Instant Reach:

 You can send messages to thousands of recipients in a fraction of a second and get connected instantly with your customers, clients, or members to inform   them with our bulk SMS service.

2. Cost-effective:
 Our Bulk SMS Service offers a cost-effective solution for reaching a large audience without any issues compared to email marketing or other forms of   marketing.

3. Personalized Messaging:

 Now, you can customize your messages to create personal connections with your audience, which include names, relevant details, or other exclusive offers   to make more   engagement with users.

4. Easy Integration:

Our panel has fantastic features that enable integration with your existing systems and applications. So, send any messages directly from your platform,   ensuring smooth and efficient communication.



Features of Bulk SMS

1. Url shortener:
Url shortener includes a long URL in an SMS message, which consumes a significant portion of the available character limit. This feature compresses the URL and makes it shorter, allowing you to save characters for the actual text of the message.


2. Survey form Survey Creation:  We send surveys via text link, which are designed with questions to gather the useful information you need, such as multiple choice questions, open-ended and r, and rating scales based on the nature of the information you are looking for.


3. Send via App, excel, or email:

Send SMS the way you like - via the web interface, APIs, Microsoft Excel, and email gateway.

4. Proper delivery ratio

Allows users to check the delivery status of SMS messages sent from the website. A DLR report is generated in our SMS panel, which focuses on active numbers where 100% of SMS will be delivered. Users can extract delivery reports indicating the success rate of message deliveries ranging from 80% to 100%.


5. API Integration

Our simple APIs allow software and web developers to integrate any application with bulk SMS plans.

6. Enterprise Friendly

Get started with multi-user accounts, role management, locked templates, audit trail, bespoke services & more.

7. Unicode SMS

We provide Hindi bulk SMS service with Unicode SMS service—brands using Unicode SMS to advertise the product in different cities. Local language SMS will increase your ROI by more than 50% compared to English SMS.

8. SMS Scheduling

You can schedule SMS for future dates: Choose a date and time, and our SMS will be delivered accordingly without any errors.


Try Bulk SMS Plans To Promote Your Business & Guaranteed Results.

   1. Unmatched Delivery Rates & Speed

  Our direct partnership with multiple telecom operators, intelligent SMS gateway routing, and robust infrastructure ensure best-in-class delivery rates, ultra-low   latencies, and 24x7 support for your texts.

2. Fanatic Customer Support

Our mobile marketing experts and technology consultants are always at hand to help startups and SMEs run the best SMS campaigns. We pride ourselves on delivering superior support to all our customers, irrespective of the company size!

  3. Authentic Real-Time Reports

  BULK SMS PLANS's authentic real-time reports help you track the delivery status of every SMS sent. Watch out for cheap bulk SMS service providers in the      market who compromise quality and provide fake delivery reports for meagre prices. 


Start Connecting Today

Better your communication strategy with our Bulk SMS Service. Sign up now and experience the power of Bulk SMS. Whether you are a business owner of a large organization or you have a small organization, our bulk SMS campaign is efficient and cost-effective.

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included 18% GST

Send SMS With Name Sender Id
Send SMS Multi-Language Support
Validity 1 Year Web API Support

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Validity: 1 YEAR
Per SMS Price: 0.18
1800 Total Cost
10000 Credit
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included 18% GST

Send SMS With Name Sender Id Send SMS Multi-Language Support 1 year Validity Web API Support

Purchase Now ➞
Validity: 1 Year
Per SMS Price: 0.16
8000 Total Cost
50000 Credit
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included 18% GST

Send SMS With Name Sender Id Send SMS Multi-Language Support Lifetime Validity Web API Support

Purchase Now ➞
Validity: Lifetime Validity
Per SMS Price: 0.15
15000 Total Cost
100000 Credit


Features of Promotional SMS

Customized SMS
Send Message with Customized Details Like Unique Name,Mobile Number & Email With Our Dynamic SMS Feature
Unicode SMS
Send Messages In your Native Language Anywhere in The World With our Multi-Language SMS Feature
Delivery Report
Get Confirmation of Every Message Sent with Our Real Time Delivery Report- Live DLR Report Available
24 hr Customer Support
Our Customer Support is Ready to Serve you 24 Hr Have A Query Contact Our Support Anytime
API Integration
Integrate SMS API in Your Software or Built your Own SMS Application With Our Powerful MultiSMS API
Schedule Messages
Get Benefits of Our Schedule SMS Feature so that messages are delivered to customers at an appropriate time
Create A Short Url Of Your Web Link And Send it in Your SMS Campaign to Track Who Visited Your Website
DND Numbers are automatically filtered and will be Refund Back To Your Account


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