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Interact your clients by Sending your pre-record message through our IVR system. The IVR service provider gives many benefits for running a business successfully.

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Automated telephony is known as interactive voice response, and it interacts with callers while obtaining information and routing calls appropriately. IVR systems use voice input and touch-tone keypad selection to send faxes, callbacks, and emails. The system consists of a telephony system, a database, and several software applications. For IVRS to work, organizations need to purchase software, hardware equipment, or hire a service that provides IVR hosting.




 An automated voice welcomes a customer who calls a business and takes the call, greeting them with a greeting

 The user will be presented with a number of options to choose from, such as pressing a certain number to

 Contact a specific department or enter their account number to gain access to their account information

 Information about their account can be found on their account page. After the customer has submitted their response, it is routed to the appropriate department, such as a live agent or a database for account information.


Advantages of IVR Service Providers


Generating more leads

By using IVR, customers can easily prioritize their needs, resulting in more leads and more satisfied customers.


Customer service automation

Providing assistance to customers is no longer necessary since they can self-serve.


Efficiencies in saving money

IVR systems replace customer service agents who answer phone calls and direct customers to the correct agents, reducing operational costs. 

Managing high call volumes

A multilevel IVR system can handle peak call loads by simultaneously answering questions from multiple customers.


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Special features of IVR Services:


IVR Plan Detail Professional Plan Enterprise Plan
Channel 6 20
Concurrent Call 3 10
Ringtone Add-on Yes
Live Reports Yes Yes
Agent Wise Report Yes Yes
Advance Report Analytics Yes Yes
Custom Music on Hold Add-on Yes
Web hooks 10000 Unlimited
Call Recording Yes Yes
Past Data Visibility Unlimited Unlimited
Call Charges 1 INR/Min. 1 INR/Min.
Blacklisting yes yes
Time Based Routing yes yes
Multilevel IVR yes yes
Multi Language Announcement yes yes
Slick CRM Integration yes yes
Alert yes yes
Call Logs yes yes
Email Integration yes yes
SMS Integration yes yes
Email Report yes yes
Customize Report yes yes
Voicemail yes yes


How IVR System Works?



 1. Customer calls a business number

Customers find business phone numbers through advertising, websites, or apps.






2. Select a greeting and make your selection

 DTMF inputs are required by customers from their dial-pads for corresponding results.


3. The outcome is as expected

For example, the customer hears their account balance when the call is connected to the correct department.






Providing options for customers to select and connect with departments or agents according to their needs.


Send outgoing calls, such as appointment reminders or phone surveys. By automating these types of calls, efficiency is improved.




Provides customers the option to communicate via voice, text, or web chat or to switch between different channels at their discretion

Account balances, bills, and appointment scheduling can be managed without speaking with live agents.





  Cost savings: Use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems reduces the need for manual customer service, thereby reducing staff costs and freeing up resources.



  Increased efficiency
: Customers benefit from IVR services because they can receive information quickly and easily or complete transactions easily and efficiently.



  Improved customer satisfaction
: Customers can easily access information and complete transactions at their convenience, improving the overall customer experience by reducing waiting times and providing information at their convenience



   Collect Feedback : An IVR dialer is a great way to reach out to callers for feedback or to conduct a survey. It is an effective way for business to improve their IVR systems. Enhance customer           satisfaction and overall success.

   Personalized Experience
: Personalization can be achieved by using factors like region, transaction history, and other relevant information. In this way, the caller can have a more relevant and efficient interaction.






There are times when unexpected visits to the hospital can be a stressful and chaotic experience for both patients and healthcare providers alike. Lack of organization and long waiting times can frustrate patients and worsen their health. It is essential to implement measures that bring order and governance to the process to make it more positive and efficient.

Reduce wait times and streamline processes for patients to get the care they need. The system can also reduce the burden on healthcare providers and improve the quality of care overall.



Our Doctor Appointment System offers a cloud-based solution that simplifies and streamlines the appointment scheduling process for both doctors and patients. The system provides doctors with a personalized calendar to easily manage their availability and schedule appointments. Patients can request appointments through their browser, and doctors are notified through email and/or SMS/text message.

The solution is fully integrated, allowing for seamless communication between patients and doctors. Doctors can view all of their appointments in one place, and patients can see their past and future appointments in their own portal page. Additionally, the system is easily integrated with existing ERP or hospital systems, providing doctors with access to patient medical history during appointments.


IVR Packages

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2124 RS

included 0% GST
Basic Plan-3 Months

Instant Activation
Call Recording
Live Reports
Multi-level IVR
Repeat Targeting
API & Webhook Integration

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Validity: 90 days
Per SMS Price: 60p/call
1800 RS Total Cost
500 Mins Credit
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8,850 RS

included 0% GST

Instant Activation
Call Recording
Live Reports
Multi-level IVR
Repeat Targeting
API & Webhook Integration

Purchase Now ➞
Validity: 180 days
Per SMS Price: 60p/min call
7500 RS Total Cost
6000 min Credit
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23,600 RS

included 0% GST

Instant Activation
Call Recording
Live Reports
Multi-level IVR
Repeat Targeting
API & Webhook Integration

Purchase Now ➞
Validity: 360 days
Per SMS Price: 60p/min call
20000 RS Total Cost
18000 min Credit Credit


Incredible Features To Run Successful IVR Campaigns

Dialing with multifrequency tones lets you convey the number or code of a caller
Live Call Monitoring
Improves agent performance, offers training and delivers consistent customer support
Call Recording
Able to record all calls can help businesses evaluate an agent’s efficiency
Auto dialer
This system automatically dials pre-set phone numbers for telemarketing and other purposes
Voice Broadcast
Enable two-way communication, call transfers, and other advanced features used for telemarketing
API Integration
Enables connection to CRM, databases and web-based apps, streamlining business processes
Voice mail integration
Allows customers to leave voicemails through IVR and access their voicemail messages
Call reports
Gain insight into customer interactions, popular options, avg call duration, call transfer success rate.