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Improve customer experience with our Robochit AI chatbot

Chat conversations can help your contact center improve your sales process and empower your online businesses

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AI-powered chatbot powered by human support

In today's fast-paced world, customers crave quick solutions and the ability to help themselves through their preferred channels. The IT team previously attempted to create a chatbot, but the process was complex and costly. It was experimented with ready-made FAQ chatbots, but they lacked the human touch, feeling too robotic for her taste.Customer support becomes seamless and effortless with Robochit. Now you can easily set up and manage Robochit, ensuring that each customer feels valued, not just another number on a ticket. There is an immediate response to queries, and customers can be upsold based on their preferences and needs.

As a live agent is required, Robochit smoothly transitions to a live agent, providing context through comprehensive transcripts. This system by delivering authentic human support. With Robochit handling the repetitive tasks and team can now invest more time in forging genuine connections with customers, ultimately boosting satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty.

Our Chatbot AI Include:

Customized Chat Bots: We provide our chat bots that suit your business needs. Whether you are in a commerce business or healthcare, finance or any other business you owned. We design chatbot that understands your client needs and provides support.

24/7 Customer Support: Our chatbot ai online helps your customers with their queries and concerns with instant responses and u dont need to wait for a long time.

Multilingual Support: Our chatbot helps to expand your customer reach with multi language support so communicate easily with your customers all around the globe.





Personalized Interactions: Personalise greetings, widgets and color of chat bots that helps customer to understand user preferences and provide more engagement with joyful experience.

Integration with Existing Systems: Are you concerned about compatibility with your current systems? Don't be afraid! In addition to CRM systems, websites, mobile apps, and more, our chat bots seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms.


Incredible Features To Run Successful IVR Campaigns

Dialing with multifrequency tones lets you convey the number or code of a caller
Live Call Monitoring
Improves agent performance, offers training and delivers consistent customer support
Call Recording
Able to record all calls can help businesses evaluate an agent’s efficiency
Auto dialer
This system automatically dials pre-set phone numbers for telemarketing and other purposes
Voice Broadcast
Enable two-way communication, call transfers, and other advanced features used for telemarketing
API Integration
Enables connection to CRM, databases and web-based apps, streamlining business processes
Voice mail integration
Allows customers to leave voicemails through IVR and access their voicemail messages
Call reports
Gain insight into customer interactions, popular options, avg call duration, call transfer success rate.


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