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Promotional SMS Templates For Business Promotion

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10 Best Promotional SMS Templates

Promotional SMS is a text message sent by a brand to customers and prospects to inform them of sales, discounts, and promotions. Advertisers use SMS promotions to engage customers and increase sales.BulkSMSPlans allows you to create branded subscription forms, automate SMS delivery, and personalize messages to maximize performance.


Using bulk SMS campaigns to convey discounts, promotions, and special offers to customers is an effective and reliable way to improve sales and maintain customer relationships. SMS marketing and promotional campaigns can be tailored to the recipient's needs, based on time, delivered quickly, and be easy to understand to help boost marketing performance. Engagement with target audiences generates customer interest in businesses' services.

10 Useful Promotional SMS Formats Used In Different Industries

Promotional SMS In The Education Field:

-1. Notices, Homework's.

-2. Notes, Lesson Plan, and Time Tables.
-3. Occasions, Meetings, Conferences.


1.1. Coaching Class Promotional SMS Format:-

1.It is used for sending Reminders.

2.It is used to Handling Queries.

3.It is used to send the results of the students.

4.It is used to schedule Lesson Plans.

Promotional SMS In Medical Field:


Promotional SMS Templates for medicine are used to inform the best offers/ discounts to customers.

Promotional SMS For Fitness :

Hey [NAME]! We are thrilled to announce that starting [DATE] we will exclusively offer 50% on fitness gear to {GYM NAME} members.

Sign up for our GOLD MEMBERSHIP until the end of January and benefit from a 20% discount. More details at {GYM NAME}


For Example, Tuff Fitness Centre provides Valentine's day special offers like these promotional SMS services to help customers to grow their business. 


Promotional SMS For Restaurants

Our clients promote their keywords on their: 

1.Choosing a menu

2.Information About Receipts

3.Information for Table tents

4.Sharing Information of Placemats  

5.Cash register Information

6.Website Information


Imagine you run a restaurant called Rohit. When a customer texts your keyword to your phone number, an automatic response will thank them for subscribing.

It is great to hear that you are interested in our VIP text club. We look forward to sharing the best deals with you. Don't forget to get a free coffee next time you stop by. Just show the message.

Promotional SMS For Electronics Department

By opting in, customers are alerted at every step of the delivery process. For example, the shipping notification includes tracking information. Likewise, the retail shop will inform the customer when goods are ready. 


Promotional SMS For Automobiles

Auto companies send various types of promotional SMS messages, such as offers, new car models availability, etc., below is an examples.

Sample - Visit us today to test drive the all-new Lord Siesta 2022. In our lucky draw competition, you can win a free Siesta 2022 model when you book a test drive. AOTO Motors Mumbai.


Promotional SMS For Telecommunication:

Utilizing a trusted, proven and incredibly cost-efficient communication channel, you can increase customer satisfaction and improve business processes.

  • Provide updates and notifications by SMS text message; notify the customer on their new phone's arrival.

  • Thank new customers for joining your network with courtesy messages.

  • Using an SMS reminder system to remind customers about overdue accounts is highly effective. SMS is a great approach.

  • Please confirm and remind customers of appointments; offer them the option to reschedule.

  • Remind customers to top up their prepaid account balances; nobody wants to lose their beloved cell phone.

  • Be sure to notify customers of any internet or phone problems that may arise.


Promotional SMS For Institutions:

Parents can be notified of the result declaration schedule by SMS from institutions. Students' parents can receive a report summary that will assist them in analyzing their children's performance.


Promotional SMS For Ecommerce:

Promote special offers, flash sales, or other offers to your subscribers, or design your own messages.

Customer Re-engagement - Getting back in touch with old customers who haven't bought for a long time. Make an effort to entice them back to purchase.

Deals - Send hot deals to your customers to benefit from increased store traffic, additional purchases, and enhanced online visibility.

Promotional SMS For Recruitment:

Recruitment Companies use Promotional sms for :-

1. It can be used for Job opening updates.

2.It can be used for the Interview Process.

3.It can be used to Fill vacancies quickly.


                                The Art of Writing Promotional SMS



Messages expire

Ensure that the SMS messages you purchase do not expire so that once a block of SMS messages are purchased, they remain on your account until they are delivered.


Briefly express your thoughts

Short messages that get straight to the point are best for promotional SMSs. It is important that marketers ensure that they convey their message in the 160 characters allowed for SMS.


Here are a few tips to help you:

1.Decide what your main point is.

2.Are you inviting people to a free dinner?

3.Are you reminding them of an appointment?

4.Think about the points you need to convey.

Provide a link instead of trying to explain a service or product in detail if you want your customer to learn more about it.


The automation of SMS

Integrating with other business systems and applications will enable you to automate SMS communications based on an event or defined condition within another business system, such as a CRM application. Timing, relevance, and personalization will all be guaranteed with automated SMS.


Calls-to-action should be included

Simply writing a great message won't cut it. The presence of a CTA in the text enables the customer to seize the opportunity. If you fail to include a compelling call to action, you may experience low conversion rates. Your CTA button should be clear and eye-catching.


Ensure precision

Marketing professionals should ensure that promotional SMS effectively conveys their intended message. The SMS should state when the sale begins and ends, for instance, if a brand is advertising a sale. In addition, marketers should specify which products are on sale. Stating simply "enjoy discounts" can be quite misleading. If you prefer, you could say, "enjoy 15% off baby shoes." The bottom line is: be as specific as you can.



Don't use slang, abbreviations, or emoticons when communicating with clients via promotional SMS. Additionally, here are some tips for creating professional messages that are also appealing:

1.Be careful not to use too many exclamation points.

2.Only use a single exclamation point and a question mark when necessary

3.Do not talk like a robot.

4.Make sure your language matches the brand's style and identity.

5.Use emoticons only if they add substantial value to the message.

6.Avoid using caps.


Personalize the message and the audience

It is a sure way to create a great promotional SMS if you personalize your message. Messages must be tailored to the demographics of their audience, such as age, gender, occupation, and so on. Messages should also take into account various marketing metrics. Therefore, a company can send targeted messages that are more likely to appeal to the recipients.


Messaging reliability and security

Providers that offer SMS should be able to provide easy access to a customer portal and customer service.


The Best Way to Send a Promotional SMS

It only takes four steps to send a promotional SMS campaign using Bulksmsplans.

1. Join bulksmsplans Please fill out the registration form with your name, email address, phone number, and password. 

2. Choose a plan. Get an idea of the price per SMS for the country where you wish to send promotional SMS. When logged in to bulksmsplans, click on the pricing plan to see this information.

3. Please upload your contacts. Name your mailing list. Click "Add" and then upload your contacts. You can also import your mailing list or copy and paste your phone numbers. The numbers you input on your mailing list do not need to be emailed.

4. Send a promotional SMS campaign. In bulksmsplans, click on "Send SMS" to create a promotional SMS campaign. Then, enter the sender's name (stick to 11 digits or characters). Next, compose your message, select the mailing list you wish to send the message to, and choose the time for the message to be sent. All that's left is to preview your message and click "Send." 


Transactional SMS, promotional SMS, and SMS marketing

Transactional SMS messages contain order alerts, booking confirmations, and informational messages. They are not intended for marketing purposes. All recipients, regardless of their DND status, receive them 24/7 without time limits. Typically, a company chooses a 6-character Sender ID for transactional SMS. It should correspond to the company or product name.


Promoting and selling are carried out through promotional SMS. The messages are sent only to numbers that have opted in and are not on do-not-call. The messages should be sent between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Promotional messages have a random six-character Sender ID assigned by the network operator.


How SMS Marketing Works?

SMS marketing is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to reach your audience. Additionally, it's one of the best ways to boost customer engagement. Businesses can send SMS messages immediately to a large list of people in their target audience. 


SMS marketing messages have an open rate of 98%, so it is no surprise companies rely on this marketing method to generate interest among consumers. 

From sharing shipping updates to letting shoppers know about their loyalty points, SMS is a great way for businesses to communicate with their audience in a positive and informative manner. 

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