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Integrate our APIs to provide your customers with powerful voice call services.

Alerts/ reminders
Business promotion
Latest offers and deals
Social campaigns
Customer surveys

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Voice Call Services To Reach The Maximum Customers

Customize your voice experience with our APIs at large scale with exciting features like IVR, transcription and speech recognition.Make powerful voice solutions for your customers by integrating our APIs.

Schedule Voice Campaign

 A system will automate your calls according to a specified date and time

Voice Broadcasting Facilities

Broadcast your news updates, offers and deals to your audience which boost your sales revenue.

User-Friendly Panel
Easily set up your bulk voice calls with our easy and user friendly platform.

 Call Recording

 One of the most useful features of voice calls services because it records your voice calls for quality purposes

Call Analytics: 
Track your call metrics, call durations, and success rates and generate reports

 Call Queuing:

 Call queuing systems enable managing a high volume of incoming calls and provide a waiting experience for callers.

 Call Transfer and Conferencing

  You can transfer calls between agents or parties and conduct multi party conference

 Multi-Language Support:

 This feature handles voice calls in multiple languages and makes your services accessible to a broader audience.

India's leading voice call service provider

We connect your audience with voice call services by providing a full featured online control panel. No need to contact the operator or reminder to dial a call. Easily record voice calls via automated online systems and send them to anywhere in the world.

How have businesses used voice calls?

 Lead generation

You can generate leads for your business by making voice calls online. Keep your leads informed with voice messages that are on point.

Send wishes

Wish your audience a happy anniversary by connecting with them on a special occasion. Send your potential customers wishes for special occasions.


To confirm product orders, delivery updates, and meeting schedules, send voice call messages. Send customized voice messages to your audience easily.

Latest deals/ offers

Make your audience aware of your services / products through on-point advertising voice call messages.

Notifications / Reminders

Use voice recordings to notify people about important events. Remind people to renew their medications on a periodic basis. 


Steps to Use Voice Call?

Easily run your voice call campaigns with 3 easy steps

1) Record your Message

2) Upload contact list

3) Send voice messages

Why Are Voice Calls Important?

 Personal Connection

 Phone calls establish a personal connection between users, thereby strengthening their emotional connection


Voice calls helps user to multitask while communicating which is beneficial where actions and communication are simultaneously required

 Time Management
 Send time-sensitive communications without missing an alert ever

The mobility and flexibility of voice calls contribute to portability because they facilitate smooth communication

Customer friendly

 We offer clear communication, easy accessibility, personalized interactions, efficient issue resolution, empathetic support, multichannel integration and     language support.

Better Communication

Voice calls can convey emotions, intent, and context more effectively than written messages, reducing misunderstanding

Frequently Added Questions

What is a bulk voice call?
A bulk voice call is a method of communicating in which a recorded voice message is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously. Recipients receive the voice message on their landlines or mobile phones. A bulk voice call aims to reach a large group of people in a short amount of time.

How do I send a voice text message?

Sending Voice text messages is easy.  For sending peer to peer messages one can send using MMS or social applications like Whatsapp.   However, if you need to send Voice text messages in bulk or in an automated fashion you will need to take services from a SAAS provider like bulksmsplans which provides Bulk Voice SMS service.

How do I send a bulk voice call?

In order to send bulk voice call service you need a voice call provider such as  bulksmsplans then record your voice message and upload to list of recipients phone numbers and schedule the voice call.



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Features of Promotional SMS

Customized SMS
Send Message with Customized Details Like Unique Name,Mobile Number & Email With Our Dynamic SMS Feature
Unicode SMS
Send Messages In your Native Language Anywhere in The World With our Multi-Language SMS Feature
Delivery Report
Get Confirmation of Every Message Sent with Our Real Time Delivery Report- Live DLR Report Available
24 hr Customer Support
Our Customer Support is Ready to Serve you 24 Hr Have A Query Contact Our Support Anytime
API Integration
Integrate SMS API in Your Software or Built your Own SMS Application With Our Powerful MultiSMS API
Schedule Messages
Get Benefits of Our Schedule SMS Feature so that messages are delivered to customers at an appropriate time
Create A Short Url Of Your Web Link And Send it in Your SMS Campaign to Track Who Visited Your Website
DND Numbers are automatically filtered and will be Refund Back To Your Account


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