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Long code

Send & receive messages to large audience easily with Long Code Service.

Long Code SMS Service Provider allows you to send and receive SMS messages online form the customers by using a combination of keywords, long codes, and short codes. The received SMS are stored inside in the inbox, which is easily accessible and can also be easily responded and managed using a variety of tools provided under our plans and services.

 Long Code SMS Service

The long code is just a 10 digit virtual mobile number with which a customer can interact with applications by sending text messages and get the desired response, common services that can be applied using a virtual mobile number can comprise of request-response, information on demand, and activation of any services. Example, long codes on plastic wrap of cold drinks or on the packets of detergents, biscuits or any FMCG products to receive any gift hamper or any cash back.


Customers will find it very easy to gain access to your services and can easily reach out to you for further information or might even show interest in your products and services, just by a simple SMS sent by you. You can also manage and create your inbox by using special keywords on shared numbers or by merely using dedicated numbers.


Adding a shortcode or a long code to your marketing plans makes it easier, cost-effective and impactful to reach out to your customers directly; shared short and long codes are effective to get your SMS marketing activity started.


SMS virtual numbers are perfectly suited for any closed group target audience like existing customers, office employees, vendors, and sales force of the company. Who can regularly communicate with each other in a 2 way SMS system.


Features of Our service:


   1. Every messenger account has a dedicated free keyword on the long code number provided by us.

   2. You can choose your own business keyword on any of available long codes.

  3. Get a dedicated long code, 10 digit number, and configure multiple inboxes using as many keywords.

  4. QR codes for messages, as the smartphones are capable of reading QR codes instantly, thus it saves the users       time to interact with the application or the service, which is completely free to use under our service.




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