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Graphic Designing services we offered to clients

Transform your ideas into stunning visuals with our top-notch graphic design services. Logos, branding.

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Top Notch Graphic Designing Services

Creating visuals for marketing products like brochures, banners, and logos is a typical aspect of graphic design services. We can produce custom-designed graphics that are consistent with your brand.  These services that we offer are very beneficial to both individuals and organizations. Professional graphic design services may improve your visual communication, strengthen your brand, and support your marketing objectives, whether you're a small organization, a start-up, or an individual.

Marketing through social media
. With our assistance, we offer social media marketing services so you can increase your online visibility and interact   with   your   target market. We develop appealing campaigns that improve brand visibility, drive interaction, and get leads, all while integrating through bulk   SMS   plans.

Creation of video ads
. Draw in viewers with attention-grabbing video commercials. Our talented staff specializes in producing excellent, expertly created videos that successfully convey your message, advertise your goods or services, and increase conversions.

Writing content
. Words have power, and our skilled content writers will make sure that your messages are convincing, educational, and catered to your target   demographic. We provide engaging content that connects with your clients, including blog articles and content for your website.

Design for visiting cards
. Using visiting cards that are expertly created leaves a lasting impression. In order to help you make a lasting impression on potential   customers and business partners, our creative team develops aesthetically attractive and powerful designs that reflect your brand identity.

Logo creation
. A memorable brand is built on a solid logo. Our gifted designers craft distinctive and visually appealing logos that capture your company's  essence, beliefs, and personality and leave a lasting impact on your clients.

Design Flex
. With flexible designs that look good, you may advertise your goods, occasions, or special deals. Our team produces vibrant, eye-catching designs   that enhance your marketing initiatives by grabbing attention and clearly communicating your message.

Design Mug
. Create a unique mug for your promotional items. We create mugs that suit your company's image for freebies, staff promotions, or customer gifts   to make sure your message is noticed and retained each time someone takes a sip.

T-shirt style
. Using t-shirts that are specially created, stand away from the crowd. Your staff or clients will be proud to sport the designs that our imaginative   designers develop since they are distinctive and visually arresting representations of your business.

Types of graphics that are frequently utilized for marketing purposes and on online platforms


Design Post
. These images have been created for a variety of social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To convey a particular message, advertise goods or services, or interact with your audience, post designs might incorporate images, text, and branding components.

Designing banners
. Larger visuals called banners are frequently used as website or blog headers or as online advertisements. They are frequently used to draw attention to crucial content or call-to-action on websites.

Innovative banners
. Creative banners are striking images intended to leave a lasting impression. To differentiate themselves and effectively deliver a certain message, they may use distinctive artwork, alluring imagery, and inventive layouts.

Banners for Instagram
. Images developed exclusively for Instagram profiles are called Instagram banners. These banners, which are normally displayed at the top of the profile page, provide a great platform for showcasing your company's identity, promoting campaigns, or emphasizing key facts.

Banners on Facebook
. Instagram and Facebook banners are comparable, but Facebook banners are made specifically for Facebook pages or profiles. These banners can be used to advertise events, highlight your business, provide critical updates, and announce special offers.


Remember that these are only a few instances of the visuals that are frequently used in advertising and on online forums. Given the flexibility of the subject of graphic design, graphic designers can produce a wide range of images, including logos, infographics, brochures, flyers, and more, to meet your unique requirements. It is crucial to give a graphic designer clear instructions when working on a project, including the required dimensions, preferred file types, and any unique branding or messaging demands. By doing this, you can be confident that the designs support your objectives and properly convey the message to your intended audience.


Why should you choose us?

Choose Bulksmsplans, a highly qualified and imaginative company with numerous years of expertise in the field, for any graphic design requirements. We are experts at producing aesthetically attractive designs that grab attention and efficiently convey your brand's message. Through constant communication and collaboration with your team throughout the design process, our client-centric approach makes sure that we comprehend your individual vision. We promise extraordinary outcomes that go above and beyond your expectations because of our experience, focus on detail, and dedication to prompt delivery. Moreover, we are the best choice for all of your graphic needs thanks to our extensive service offerings, affordable prices, and commitment to client satisfaction.


Graphic Designing Packages:

At Bulksmsplans, we provide a variety of complete graphic design services that are suited to your individual requirements. No matter if you run a small business, a startup, or an enormous enterprise, we have graphic designing packages made to fit different needs and budgets.



Our Graphic Design Portfolio 

I am pleased to welcome you to my graphic design portfolio, where creativity meets functionality. Take a look at a collection of visually captivating designs that tell unique stories.


IVR Packages

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2124 RS

included 18% GST
Basic Plan-3 months

Call Recording
Live Reports
Multi-level IVR
Repeat Targeting
API & Webhook Integration

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Validity: 90 days
Per SMS Price: 60p/call
1800 RS Total Cost
500 Mins Credit
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8,850 RS

included 18% GST

Call Recording
Live Reports
Multi-level IVR
Repeat Targeting
API & Webhook Integration

Purchase Now ➞
Validity: 180 days
Per SMS Price: 60p/min call
7500 RS Total Cost
6000 min Credit
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23,600 RS

included 18% GST

Call Recording
Live Reports
Multi-level IVR
Repeat Targeting
API & Webhook Integration

Purchase Now ➞
Validity: 360 days
Per SMS Price: 60p/min call
20000 RS Total Cost
18000 min Credit


Incredible Features To Run Successful IVR Campaigns

Dialing with multifrequency tones lets you convey the number or code of a caller
Live Call Monitoring
Improves agent performance, offers training and delivers consistent customer support
Call Recording
Able to record all calls can help businesses evaluate an agent’s efficiency
Auto dialer
This system automatically dials pre-set phone numbers for telemarketing and other purposes
Voice Broadcast
Enable two-way communication, call transfers, and other advanced features used for telemarketing
API Integration
Enables connection to CRM, databases and web-based apps, streamlining business processes
Voice mail integration
Allows customers to leave voicemails through IVR and access their voicemail messages
Personal customized templates
IVR personalized template for customized greetings, menu options, prompts, and messages
Multiple call routing
Enables businesses to handle calls more efficiently & effectively by routing them to the department or agent
Auto voice feedback
Allows the system to automatically provide spoken responses to a caller's inputs
Auto SMS reply notification
Message customers automatically with confirmation numbers, account balances, and call details
Call reports
Gain insight into customer interactions, popular options, avg call duration, call transfer success rate.


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