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What does AM, VM, AD stands for in text messages and their significance?

What does AM, VM, AD stands for in text messages and their significance?

First, We have to understand that all these take place because of Bulk SMS and there are certain regulatory guidelines issued by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) all these services are mainly because for marketing and for several information’s.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a part of our telecom system, being regulated by the Government of India.

Earlier there were a lot of small businesses that were using this BULK SMS TEXT SERVICE because the cost of SMS was very low and free in some cases, which led to an SMS flood in the country. All of these facilities were being enjoyed by all the companies be it big or small, manufacturing, or retail and it led to a rise of fraudulent activities in the country and thus the Government has to step in, TRAI took the control in its hand and issued several guidelines to put a leash upon all the Bulk SMS providers. With several amendments and the latest laws being put into action, a lot has changed in this world.

There are several codes in the market all holding different abbreviations and full forms and with the below-stated information one can easily figure out what is their significance and from where they have originated.

Whenever you received SMS like VM-DOMINO, TD-FACEBOOK, AD- Amazon etc. All of them were being sent by several social networking sites, financial institutions and E-commerce sites along with a few telecom service providers.

Now let’s understand the significance of these codes and do they really serve harmlessly without accessing your personal information and do all the telecom service providers promise to not breach the personal information in future or to sell your valuable information to several buyers for their marketing needs and for information to customers rather popularly known as advertisements.

Such SMS originated from bulk SMS providers and were restricted to a most of six Alphabetical Sender ID after the two letters, such as AD, VM, MS etc.

The first Two characters specify the identity of the service provider, which is basically the name of the company or the SMS provider and its place of origin.

Let's take an example BZ-BLKSMS, this message heading when received indicates that the BZ BSNL MOBILE bulk SMS service has been sent from MAHARASTRA. Herein the first character specifies from which service provider the message has originated from and the second character specifies the location of the SMS.

Here are some codes that will help you understand more.

Service provider codes-
A. Bharti Airtel and Bharti hexacom
I. Idea cellular
L. Loom telecom
M. Spice communication
R. Reliance communications
S. S. Tel Ltd
T Ltd. Tata Teleservices, Tata Teleservices Maharashtra
U. Unitech group of companies (Telenor)
V. Vodafone group of companies
W. Swan telecom

Service area codes.
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Bihar
C. Chennai
D. Delhi
F. Faridabad
G. Gujarat
H. Himachal Pradesh
I. Haryana
J. Jammu & Kashmir
K. Kolkata
L. Kerala
M. Mumbai
N. Northeast
O. Orissa
P. Punjab
Q. Rajasthan
R. Raipur
S. Assam
T. Tamil Nadu
U. Up (west)
V. West Bengal
W. Up( north)
X. Karnataka
Y. Madhya Pradesh
Z. Maharashtra

So this was an entire list of bulk SMS codes, making it simpler for you to understand that from where the SMS has originated from and who is the service provider thus giving you an opportunity that any fraudulent activity being conducted against you in the name of high-profile company in the form of SMS, in the name of promotions that the company has never been involved in any kind of promotions of that segment.

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